Vision: To develop an open, accessible platform to share data, information, and knowledge relevant to the Southern African Development Informatics research and practitioners community.

This work is based on the research supported by the South African Research Chairs Initiative of the Department of Science and Technology and National Research Foundation of South Africa (Grant No 98564).

The Chair in Information and Communication for Development (ICT4D) is held by Judy van Biljon, a professor in the School of Computing at Unisa. The work is being done in collaboration with the CSIR, Meraka notably Mario Marais, Adele Botha and Marlien Herselman.

We acknowledge all the South African researchers who responded to our communication and the input by Hosanna Twinomurinzi, ICT4D Flagship leader at Unisa. Feedback and comments towards improvements in terms of the functionality or updating the data on South African researchers or institutions are invited and should be sent to ict4d@unisa.ac.za